Access Roles

Nexla provides full Access Control Logic on all resources to facilitate collaboration between multiple team members of an organization. For example, if 'User A' created a data source, they can then grant view or edit controls to some other other Users/Teams in the company.

Check out the detailed documentation on Access & Permissions for Nexla API and Nexla CLI methods for managing access levels.

In this page we'll look at how to fetch any resource you have access to. By default, all Nexla API and Nexla CLI endpoints return only the data the authenticated user created (i.e. has ownership rights to).

In order to view any resoure you have collaborator or administrator permissions for, just add the query parameter access_role=collaborator or access_role=administrator.

For ex:

  1. GET /data_sources returns only the sources that the authenticated user owns, i.e. created.

  2. GET /data_sources?access_role=administrator returns all data sources that authenticated user either owns or has administrative pemissions for. It does not

  3. GET /data_sources?access_role=collaborator returns all data sources that authenticated user created, has administrator permissions for, or has collaborator permissions for.